How to support Champfleuri

Champfleuri is a public interest non-profit association.  You may receive tax receipts for your gifts.


Support a volunteer.

Each volunteer at Champfleuri costs 12 € per day.

During the high season about 60 people are serving as volunteer "au pair" (counselors, camp session directors, kitchen staff and cleaning staff).

These volunteers are key in providing great camp experiences at Champfleuri.

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pirates colo 2012

Support the "Grange" projects, giving it full accessibility.

We have a plan to make "the Grange"  fully accessible.

We have fallen behind on this project this past year due to a lack of funds.

To make our building handicap accessible, we need to create a ramp to make the upper flour accessible. This will cost 5000€.

We would also like to heat the downstair game room in "the Grange", which involves better insulation and changing the main entrance doors. This will cost 15000€.

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